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the face behind the flowers



​The passion to create with nature has always been within me. A quiet humming in the fabric of my DNA. 

Six years ago, River & Eve flora began as an organic cutting garden with my grandfather. I sold bunches to florists, to friends, even to strangers on the side of the road. After being inspired daily by the beauty of my garden, I began designing and this flourished into an even deeper love of flowers and the plants in which they emerge from. A couple years later, the little flower patch I worked so hard on evolved into me designing for weddings and events all over NSW. 

The seasons are a huge influence for my work. I get inspired by the organic lines of flower stems, the transitions of colour on leaves and the beauty of imperfect flowers. I intuitively mimic natural environments and utilize an abundance of textures. I love teaching my clients about different flowers, collaborating on colour palettes and learning what is unique about them. It results in a perfect atmosphere that represents my clients well.

Apart from flowers, I have an undeniable, irrevocable love for Ireland. Any form of salt water is my happy place. When I'm not touching flowers, you'll likely find me playing the blues on my electric guitar in a cafe with my husband or hanging with my darling Koda - the most handome, green eyed, brown nosed Cocker Spaniel you'll ever meet.

 Kat Steele

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