The Garden

River & Eve flora is passionate about using seasonal produce and grows on a micro flower farm in Sydney's South using organic and sustainable methods

In 2016, my grandfather and I started the micro flower farm, growing exquisitely unique and unusual varieties of flowers, herbs and foliage. The flowers were sold to floral designers all over Sydney and passers by in Gymea village. Now, the garden grows a few unique varieties that service River & Eve's wedding and event designs - bringing the garden indoors to create a magical atmosphere. 

I try to spend as much time at the garden as possible. The physical, methodical effort that goes into gardening teaches you many lessons - agriculturally and worldy -  and has shaped my  appreciation for floral design. The garden always provides me with a lot of inspiration and fuels my desire to see the beauty in imperfection. To see how plants grow together, and to witness the changing of the seasons, keeps me grounded and motivated to create.

To see my growing journey visit my Instagram highlights here

Poppies and ranunculus always begin the growing season. The sweet peas then come as an intoxicating wall of sweetness. Foxgloves and larkspur - the most organic and unique shapes - come before the intense Sydney heat hits. By mid Summer, dahlias, cosmos, scabiosas and amaranth keep the bees happy and turn the space into a stunning botanical world. In Autumn, the rudbekias and phlox are velvety and romantic, and the dahlias become their most beautiful with curling petals.