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Thu & Aaron                   late spring

""We couldn't have asked for more!Even with a very vague brief, Kat knew what I wanted before I did & created the bouquet of my dreams that I will treasure forever.Thank you!!!!." - Thu & Aaron


There's a sense of calm I feel when looking through these photos and thinking of the memories I have of Thu and Aaron. I remember Thu asking for her bouquet to look like she hand gathered it while walking through the blue mountains. Textual, organic and airy. We decided to make the florals completely dried so they could keep them always. I can only imagine the memories that bouquet will give to them for years to come. There are foraged grasses clipped from my favourite beach, Cronulla, dried native flowers and a couple preserved elements such as the fern and bunny tails. However the most special aspect of Thu & Aaron's florals are my organically grown flowers. You'll see lunaria (2.5 years to reach it's incredible moon like appearance) and dried larkspur grown in my Sydney micro-farm.

These images are beyond incredible and radiate romance. Creamy skies and the sweetest couple I am very grateful to have worked with.

Photography - Damien Milan

Dress - Lilia Cass Ceremonial

Flowers - River & Eve flora

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